About Us



We believe that every corrosion engineer is forged in the field. Our team of degreed engineers and technical personnel consists of registered Professional Engineers, AMPP Corrosion Specialists, Cathodic Protection Specialists and certified technicians. In order to provide the quality and reliable services our clients demand, we focus on training and extensive field exposure at every level in our company.


Corrosion Engineering Expertise Backed by Experience

Our client-driven business model and a focus on quality have allowed us to assemble a unique team of skilled technical experts. The team’s diversity of experience and training, as well as a highly collaborative team culture, make it possible to solve problems and complex challenges quickly.



Creative Solutions for Complex Problems

Each corrosion problem is unique, challenging the engineer to find a solution that is both effective and economical. Southern Cathodic Protection Company engineers bring an expertise based on tried and proven methods to the table. Our team of engineers have the tools and skills to provide optimum solutions for complex problems, complete with thorough and accurate engineering reports.



Service to Clients

This simple phrase, “service to clients,” has been our mission for every project undertaken in our long history. Much of our success is owed to the commitment to understand our clients’ problems and develop solutions that work. That means we dedicate the time necessary to listen, to guide, to advise and respond. Our team knows the big challenges clients face with corrosion control and asset integrity, and we are there for every step.