Gas, Oil, & Energy

Our professional engineers and AMPP-certified corrosion specialists have extensive experience solving the corrosion challenges in the storage and distribution of gas and oil.



Corrosion Engineering

Cathodic Protection for Pipelines Southern Cathodic Protection Company (SCPC) has demonstrated experience in virtually all aspects of the pipeline transmission and distribution industry from routine operation and maintenance-related matters to engineering design and construction. The firm has successfully completed a wide variety of projects ranging from relatively small scopes of work through major construction projects. As a result of our 200+ years combined experience in gas and liquid pipeline engineering, SCPC understands the importance of close communication with the client throughout any project we undertake.

Our employees are well versed in the regulatory codes affecting the natural gas and liquid pipeline industry, i.e., Title 49 CFR Parts 191, 192, 195 and 199. SCPC provides a wide range of engineering services to the pipeline industry including many areas of consulting expertise and project management. The following will outline the variety of services.


Bare Pipe

Statistical Corrosion Analysis For Pipeline Asset Management Southern Cathodic Protection Company offers professional corrosion engineering services to perform a statistical corrosion analysis of cast iron, ductile iron and bare steel pipelines. The Southern Cathodic Protection Statistical Corrosion Probability (SCP™) and Maximum Pit Depth (MPD ™) models calculate mean-time to corrosion failure as well as maximum pit depths of the pipeline based on the age of the pipeline and the environment. The proprietary models are powerful tools in projecting the operating life of pipelines. These projections are critical elements for asset management and capital planning.



AC Mitigation

Southern Cathodic Protection Company (SCPC) has demonstrated experience in virtually all aspects of AC Mitigation and Modeling. When underground pipelines are near high voltage overhead transmission lines an electromagnetic field is created by the alternating current. AC voltage may be induced in the pipeline which can cause coating damage, safety issues and or corrosion. Southern Cathodic Protection has the expertise to detect AC interference and the modeling software to design mitigation systems.


Power Plants / terminals


Industrial Facilities

The annual cost of corrosion damage in the United States exceeds 230 billion dollars. Anyone responsible for maintaining production facilities at a large industrial plant is familiar with the cost of corrosion. The capital investment in structures exposed to corrosion makes preventative maintenance an economic necessity. Southern Cathodic Protection Company engineers are frequently called upon to evaluate the condition of metallic structures at locations being considered for purchase. The projected life expectancies of these structures can have significant impact on the value of the plant.

Underground Storage


Cathodic protection for underground storage tank

For UST OwnersAllow Southern Cathodic Protection Company to assist you in protecting your investment by preventing leaks and meeting state and federal regulations for underground storage tanks and piping. Even without the strigent EPA regulations mandating corrosion control on underground storage tanks, a sound leak control program makes economic sense. Southern Cathodic Protection Company provides professional engineering services to assist tank owners in preventing leaks and achieving regulatory compliance.

These services include:


Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System

Aboveground Storage


For AST Owners And Operators

Increase facility design life and prevent environmental contamination with Southern Cathodic Protection Company corrosion engineering services.


As with UST’s, safety and environmental regulations may require corrosion control for aboveground fuel storage tanks and associated piping in contact with an electrolyte. While material selection and protective coatings are prudent steps in preventing leaks on surfaces exposed to the atmosphere, cathodic protection has proven to be an effective and economical method for controlling corrosion on tank bottoms and underground piping.


Our staff of corrosion engineers provides the following services: