Resources: Cathodic Protection

Latex Nexus Pipeline

In early 2018, our team was deployed to the mid-west to support a large gas utility expansion project. Working with a world-class pipeline construction contractor,

The Problem of Corrosion

More than $5 billion is spent each year to repair and rebuild concrete structures damaged by corrosion of reinforcing steel. This damage is seen every

Emerald Surf Condominium Case Study

The Emerald Surf Condominium is a low rise, 5 stories, 45 unit condominium located on the Gulf of Mexico in Navarre Beach, Florida. It is

Gulf Front Condominium Case Study

The Gulf Beach Condominium is typical of the type of construction used in the 1980’s for low rise buildings utilizing reinforced steel columns and beams

Understanding Corrosion

If you are an owner of a condominium that is more than 10 years old and located near salt water, you have probably incurred special

Introduction to Corrosion

Corrosion is an electrochemical reaction based on universal laws of nature. All metallic structures corrode. It is just a question of how quickly. Steel, for